Gold filled Mechanical Pencils


2 mechanical style pencils with gold filled bodies. One engraved EVERSHARP, MADE IN CANADA, and personalized with MRS. P.B. WATSON. The other pen is free of any engraving. Both pens would have been worn on a chain around the neck. Slight wear to each of them. Size, each: 4″ Long Price each: $95

A selection of items for sale not necessarily related to clocks, but of unique and antique value. For instance antique furniture or antique scientific instruments like microscopes, sextants or clock maker’s tools and clock accessories like glass domes.

Walnut Davenport


Classically styled walnut compact writing desk known as a davenport, built by Waring and Gillows of London.  Waring and Gillows was known for very high quality craftsmanship.  The davenport is named after Captain Davenport who, around 1790 commissioned the Lancaster firm to produce a small desk suitable for travel at sea. A very adaptable and useful form, the top of the desk slides forward to allow a person to comfortably sit with their knees under the desk.  The slant top with gallery and original leather lifts up to expose a storage space and drawers. Four full sized drawers and one pencil drawer open up on one side of the desk with molding and knobs on the other side to imitate the look of drawers. Size: 33” T x 24” W x 23 ½” D Desktop slides forward an additional 9 ½” for a total 32 ½”D Price: $4950

Tiffany Strut Clock

Handsome desk clock with gold gilding to the frame, numbers, and hands. Silvered dial with “TIFFANY & CO.” and “8 DAYS Swiss” written on it. The hands with remnants of original luminous paint. This clock is supported in the back with a strut to hold it upright. Some wear to the case. Size: 6” x 6” x 3 ½ D when strut extended Price: $350

Up-righting Tool c1920

A device for making sure the arbors are upright and perpendicular to the front and back plates, by centering from one plate a pivot hole and marking on the back plate the location of the pivot hole that will make the arbor “upright” when fitted. In wooden case (side panel missing). Box Size: 7 ¾” L x 4” W x 2 ¾” H Price: $150

Watchmakers Mandrel

A tool that mounts watch plates eccentrically, to do watch jewelling and recessing plates to accept wheels. Size: 4 ¾” H x 6 ½”L x 4 ½” W Price each: $250

Glass Dome

Item no. 2773

Glass dome, with rectangular shaped base. 23 “T x 11 1/8” W x 6 ¾”D No cracks. Comes with mahogany veneered base with missing veneers to sides, poor condition, needs restoration. Buyer arranges pick up. Price: $450

Glass Dome

Item no. 2784

Glass dome with round shaped base 26”T x 13 ¼”Dia. With black painted base with green felt. Base in poor condition, needs restoration. No cracks to dome. Buyer arranges pick-up. Price: $450

Glass Dome

Item no. 2774

Glass dome, with oval shaped base. 11 ¾”T x 93/4”W x 6 1/8” D No cracks. Buyer arranges pick up. Price: $395

Glass Dome

Item no. 2775

Glass dome with oval shaped base 8”T x 7 7/8”W x 4”T No cracks Buyer arranges pick-up Price: $395

Glass Dome

Item no. 2777

Glass dome, rectangular base 14” T x 8 ¾”W x 6”D No cracks Comes with mahogany base, poor condition, in need of restoration Buyer arranges pick-up Price: $450

Glass Dome

Item no. 2779

Glass dome, oval shaped base 20 ½”H x 13”W x 8”D No cracks, residue from stuffed bird display Buyer arranges pick-up Price: $395

Glass Dome

Item no. 2780

Glass dome with rectangular base 21 3/8” W x 10”D x 5 7/8” D One dimple in the glass on each of three sides, it seems to be defect in manufacturing No cracks Buyer arranges pick-up Price: $395

Glass Dome

Item no. 2781

Glass dome with rectangular base 11 ¾”T x 6 1/8”W x 4 ¾”D No cracks Buyer arranges pick-up Price: $395

Glass Dome

Item no. 2782

Glass dome with rectangular base 22”T x 10 ½”W x 6 5/8”D No cracks Buyer arranges pick-up Price: $395